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Chris began his hands on manual therapy with remedial massage training in the year 2000. He also commenced teaching Tai Chi for health and began a 17 year Kungfu apprenticeship around the same time. A large aim of the kungfu apprenticeship was to gain an intimate first-hand knowledge of human movement. Additional training included methods to keep the body as young as possible while the phases of age-related change occurred. This has been vital for the health of his own body in recovering from burnout and potential career-ending injuries.

Wanting to understand the human body and healing more deeply, Chris gained entry into the Human Biology Degree program at the University of Canberra as a mature age student and later, gained entry into the Masters of Physiotherapy program. He regretfully was forced to withdraw half way through the syllabus due to illness.

To aid in healing his body from some persistent over-training injuries and chronic fatigue, Chris began getting regular soft tissue therapy and Bowen Therapy. These two therapies had such a powerful effect on his body that he decided to become a soft tissue therapist and Bowen Therapist himself. 

Chris has a passion for healing, and believes that soft tissue therapy and Bowen Therapy are powerful therapies that the world still does not know enough about or utilise enough.  

Chris’ vision is to provide the Canberra community and the surrounding region with effective and powerful therapies that can make that turn-around moment in someone’s life. 

Life improvement is always a goal of healing. Sometimes this improvement comes from therapeutic touch, specific knowledge, a key insight or simply someone genuinely hearing what you are saying. In the end, for change to occur, a new perspective is always needed.

‘Given the right circumstances, the human body will to choose to heal, not choose to destroy itself. In healing and recovery, this is very important to remember’ says Chris.


Bachelor of Science - Human Biology (Sports Science) University of Canberra

Advanced Diploma of Health Science - Soft Tissue Therapy (Canberra Institute of Technology)

Diploma of Bowen Therapy (Bowtech)

Structural Bodywork: Onsen Muscle Energy Techniques volumes 1,2,3 & 4

Kinesiotaping training level 1 & 2

Myofascial Dry Needling for Trigger Points: Upper and Lower body

Joanne Elphinston Movement System (JEMS) level 1, 2 & 3

Certificate of Leadership Mentoring - (Wellness Breakthrough Academy)

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